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Must be at least 18 years of age

Thank you for your interest in Baptist Medical Center South Volunteer Program. We look forward to having members of our community join us by being an important source of help for patients, families, visitors and staff.
We ask that our volunteers commit to at least one, four-hour shift per week. The majority of our shifts are 8 am – noon and noon – 4 pm, Monday through Friday, though there are a few departments whose shifts differ from that schedule. We also ask for a one year commitment to our program. Once we receive your submitted application, please look for an email regarding the next steps.

Present Address

Street Address

Employment and/or Student History


Include first and last name, complete address, zip code, telephone and e-mail of three references you have known more than one year. Non-relatives only and provide at least one work reference. To avoid a delay in processing your application, please provide complete information including zip codes and email.
Reference #1:
Reference #2:
Reference #3:
What is your current availability?
Emergency Contacts
I hereby apply for active membership in the Volunteer Program and confirm that I am at least 18 years of age. When assigned, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing the organization and the medical center. Specifically, I agree to contribute a minimum of one year of service to the hospital and a minimum of one, four hour shift weekly.
Your signature indicates your approval for us to check your references and to process a background check. The Volunteer Coordinator is not obligated to provide a placement, nor are you obligated to accept the position offered.